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At Borlund Inspection Systems we are proud and happy to offer you the next generation Metal Inspection Systems. Since we began our journey in 2015, tons of research went into developing the new Borlund Metal Inspection System.

Borlund Metal Detectors – ideal for the food, pharmaceutical & packaging industry

We offer Free Fall, Tunnel and Pipe Metal Detectors for harsh environment metal inspection of raw or finished products.


We took the well-known metal detection technology and improved it significantly with the next step of multi-channel inspection. We added new strong signal processors securing enough power to run the new fast embedded software to give the best product compensation and inspection sensibility yet seen. Menus are intuitive with no need for user manuals – just like todays smart phones.

We live and breathe Metal Inspection Systems – off course seamless integrated in in the process line.


For Integrators (OEM-customers) we also offer control integration with your existing equipment/HMI to offer “one point of interaction” – simply because simplicity and open communication rules the world today.

Check out the video below showing a compact Metal Inspection System where the belt stops if metal is found. Simple, Compact and Easy…

Please make contact – We are here to help you !

We would be proud to welcome you at our factory, and discuss your needs for Inspection Systems. Nearest airport is Aalborg Airport and is located less than 15 minutes away. Please let us know your preferred travel option and we are happy to assist with hotels, pick up etc

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